• Old Picture of Jayme with her first Troll
    Dec 1992Jayme's love for trolls like me started young
  • Old Picture of Jayme with trolls in the background.
    Apr 1996Look at her sitting there thinking about how cool trolls are
  • Jayme and me
    Jan 2014My human friend Jayme and I make a pretty good team

Once upon a time, in a land not too far away, I was born. Troll babies are short, fat, and not entirely pleasing to look at. Thankfully, a human by the name of Jayme came across me and nursed my developing body and mind into the incredible creature that stands before you today. She once told me a story about her brother calling her "lil troll" in the third grade, which I related to fairly well for somewhat transparent reasons. That, and her mother collecting other trolls like me and placing them in Jayme's bedroom made us fast friends. That's really all there is to my past, but my future is just beginning, and I've resolved to live it to the best of my ability as the traveling troll!

My home base is Cleveland, Ohio. It is a good place for trolls; cold weather and hearty people. For three years, my sparkly pink hair has graced over forty cities and I'm STILL trolling for travel. Rather than hanging in the typical troll spots - under bridges and on collectors' shelves, I've made it my mission to explore the habitats of wild humans. My body might be small, but my plans are big! There are many adventures to come and this is the place where I will share them with trolls and humans alike.

Jayme Frantz © 2017